About the Tag Manager

Why does Region 10 have a tag standard?

Region 10 (or Region X, as we affectionately like to call it) comprises the states of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York in NAMHSA.

Most of the live model shows in this region have agreed to use a standard system for tagging your model horses. A standard system does several things. It provides universal, uniform information for judges, it saves time and effort on the part of the shower and show holder, and it is an easy tracking system for your horses.

Once you have made and attached tags to your horses, you can keep them tagged for the entire season, unless you attend a show in another region, or a show not using the system. It is up to each show holder if they are going to use the system, and they will let you know if they are. The system was developed by a group of people who are judges, show holders, and showers in the region.

Creating Tags

With this website, you can print your tags on Avery address labels. Choose "Print Tags" from the Tag Manager menu at the top of this page. on the left side of this page. Or, you can do it yourself, as described below:

You will be responsible for creating your own tags. You should use tags that are about 1 3/4" to 1 3/32" in size, these are Avery tags # 11062, white and stringed. The tags may be handwritten or typed, but must be clearly written and easy to read. The information on the tags should include the following:

On the front of the tag, you will have your horses Breed, gender, OF or CM (Original Finish or Custom), and age (optional) and your horses ID number. The ID number will include your 3 digit exhibitor number (001) and the 3-digit number you issue to your horse (123) and should be larger than the other information on the tag. It would look like this: 001-123

On the back of the tag, you will put the horses name, your name and address (optional). Your tags should look like this:

Sample Horse Tag

Horse List

When you are ready to enter a horse show, you MUST make up a horse list for the show committee. A show may provide you with a sheet to fill out, or you may need to make your own. Your list should include your name, your exhibitor number, and all the horses that you are going to show that day. Each horse should have the horse's number (e.g. 001-123), name, breed, gender, and finish. Turn your list in when the show holder wants it. With this website, you can print your horse list. Choose "Print Horse List" from the "Tag Manager" menu at the top of the page.

Sample Horse List

{ Your Exhibitor Number }
{ Your Name }
{ Your Email Address }

Tag# Name Breed * Finish
001-123 Big Brown TB S AR
001-124 I'll Have Another TB S AR

This list is extremely important for the show holder to have. Many shows will only record the number on the judge's sheet, and they will need your horse list to do the find and replace function to create the results for the show. If you do not turn in your horse list, you may not be allowed to show.

Getting an Exhibitor Number

First, you should check  Region X Exhibitor Number List to see if you already have a number. If not, then just click on the "Request a Number" button the that page and fill out the form.

Now you are ready to have more fun!