Region X Achievement Awards

Qualifications for Region X Achievement Awards
Updated March 21, 2015

The purpose of the Region X Superior Achievement Awards it to recognize horses in our region which have consistently done well at a variety of shows. You may submit no more than 5 cards from one show date.

Only cards labeled as “Region X Qualifier” will qualify for this program. Cards from other awards programs (i.e. NAN cards) are not accepted. Cards are earned for the first and second place finishers in the Open classes in four (4) divisions:

Award Categories

Superior Achievement in Halter (SAH) =

Superior Achievement in Performance (SAP) = 10 cards in any combination of performance classes

Superior Achievement in Versatility (SAV) = 10 cards; five (5) in performance & five (5) in halter 

Superior Achievement in Class (SAC) = 10 cards in one class. For example: AR Morgan Breed, Cross Country, OF Plastic Appy Collectability, OR Therapeutic Riding

Superior Achievement in Event = 10 cards with at least one (1) from each class as noted for the appropriate event (i.e. Hunter = 5 huntseat pleasure, 4 over fences, 1 english trail):

You may build upon your previous awards once you have received at least five (5) additional cards in the appropriate event. Requiring five (5) additional ones confirms the horse is a consistent show horse. So if you have submitted for your SA Halter in AR Morgan with four (4) breed cards and six (6) workmanship cards, and you earn five (5) more workmanship cards you can then apply for your SA Class – Morgan Workmanship.

Another example, you received your SAP with five (5) huntseat pleasure cards, three (3) dressage, and two (2) trail. Your horse then goes on to earn three (3) more trail cards and two (2) for hunter over fences you can apply for the SA Event – Hunter award.

The application and cards will need to be to the Region X Awards Coordinator by May 1st to receive awards by the “Summer Solstice” show weekend (assuming in June). Or by October 1st to receive awards by TRXC in November. If you can not make it to these shows your award will be mailed to you.

Questions? Please contact the Region X Awards Program Manager, Jill O’Connor at

Sample Awards

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Questions? Please contact the Region X Awards Program Manager, Jill O'Connor at

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