New to Region X? We can help!

Welcome to Region X Nation! The goal of this website is to make it easier to have more fun! We realize that there are a lot of new things that aren't completely obvious about showing model horses in Region X (New England & New York). Here are the basics and how to get more help.

Region X Exhibitor Numbers

In Region X, everyone is assigned a permanent exhibitor number that goes with you to each and every show. Because numbers are limited to just 3 digits, we ask that you only request an exhibitor number if you are going to show model horses in our region.

If you've had a number in the past, then you most likely still have it. Please make sure that you don't already have a number assigned to you by checking the Region X Exhibitor List .

If you are not on the list already, then you can request a number on that page too. Your number request will go to a volunteer to review your number request. It might take a couple of days since our volunteers have jobs and such, but someone will get back to you.

Show Calendar & Results

There is a list of all upcoming shows, and all the past results as well. Just click on the "Shows" and "Results" items in the menu above.

Tag Manager

When you attend a model horse show, you will need to have a "leg tag" on each model, and a list of models with their numbers for the show holder. This site helps you do all of that. First, you should read About the Tag Manager.

Once you have an Exhibitor Number assigned to you, then you can begin entering your models into the Tag Manager. Just click on the menu above where it says "Tag Manager", then select the first item "Horse List". Just following the on-screen instructions.

Once you models are in the system, you won't ever have to do that again unless you buy another model, but that seems unlikely ;-). From the "Tag Manager" menu, you can "Print Tags", "Print Horse List", both are things that you'll need to attend your first show. You might want to read these tips for your first live show experience .

Region X Ambassadors

We have a great group of people in Region X that are willing to help. In order to spread things out a bit, we have a designated Region X Ambassador in each state. So, if you have a quick question, just email them. (Remember, these are all volunteers, so please be a little patient). If you live outside our region, just pick anybody!

We also have a group list on Yahoo!Groups and Facebook. These lists are by invitation only, but you can ask to join by clicking on one of the buttons at the very bottom of this page.

State Name Email
Connecticut Marisa Evans
New Hampshire Lianne Keary
Maine Lindy Pinkham
Massachussetts Nancy Timm
New York Valerie Parker
Rhode Island Corrie McDermott
Vermont Jill O'Connor
Somewhere Else? Just pick anyone!