Schooling Shows

The members of Region X voted 43-1 to recommend that Region X endorse Schooling Shows within our region in 2018.

What is a Schooling Show?

A Schooling Show is an Open show with a small number of entrants. In addition to showing models, every entrant also judges every class (while skipping their own models).

Comment Period

The "Schooling Show Committee" is still active and willing to accept comments on the implementation of the concept throughout the year.

The committee's email address is


This would be a one year trial that automatically expires on December 31, 2018. After TRXC 2018, the Schooling Show Committee will make a recommendation on any changes to the Schooling Show rules. all the members of Region X would be asked to vote again on the revised Schooling Show proposal to make it permanent.

Schooling Show Rules

Show Holder
A show holder decides to hold a Schooling Show on a particular date at some venue, possibly their house as these are smaller groups. The show would be advertised on RegionXNation as a Schooling Show. The show must not be by invitation; all persons must be allowed to enter. The show should limit entry to a predetermined number of entrants, and must accept entries on a first-come, first-serve basis. There must be at least 4 entrants for a Schooling Show. It is suggested that you limit your show to no more than 10 entrants. If you have more than 10 entrants, consider holding a regular Open show instead.

Class List
The show holder is responsible for preparing the "show packet" and class list for the show. Shorter class lists or specialty class lists for this type of show are encouraged to create a relaxed and "schooling" atmosphere.

Everyone judges every class including the show holder. You don't judge your own models in the class. You don't judge the models of anyone to which you are directly related (parent, child, sibling, etc).

Each judge (entrant) is responsible for their own awards. Be creative!

Region X Qualifier Cards
If a model places 1st or 2nd under any judge, then the model earns a Region X Qualifier card that is provided by the primary show holder. A model can only earn a single qualifier card per class even if it places 1st or 2nd by multiple judges. This is a real Region X qualifying show, but this rule prevents it from becoming a "qualifier card factory." This is a very important distinction, so here is an example... If your horse gets 1st, 1st, 2nd, and a 5th, then you get EXACTLY ONE Region X Qualifier card (not 3).

Sample Results
The "Tag Manager" will produce the results after each entrant enters their results into the site. The show results will look something like this:
1. Light Breed
    Judge: Jill O (4) 1. AH Max 2. AH Dinger 3. KC Kosmo 4. KC Stella
    Judge: Ann H (3) 1. JO Fluffy 2. KC Stella 3. KC Kosmo
    Judge Kate C (3) 1. JO Fluffy 2. AH Dinger 3. AH Max
2. Sport Breed
In this example, AH Max, AH Dinger, JO Fluffy, and KC Stella each get EXACTLY ONE Region X Qualifier Card for the "Light Breed" class for receiving at least one first place or second place award.

Not NAN qualifying
We're not trying to change the national rules. This has absolutely nothing to do with NAMHSA. There is a NAMHSA bylaw, (Article III, § 2(g)) that states, "A person may not show and judge in the same division at a NAN qualifying show." Therefore, the Schooling Show format does not meet NAMHSA's requirements and will not be granted NAN Qualifier status; applying will be unnecessary.

Why should Region X endorse this type of show?

More Shows!
Who doesn't want more shows? This a low-cost, entry-level way to become a show holder. The show is small, can be held in a house, and can have a small awards budget.

More Show Holders!
Even the entrants get a taste of being a show holder. They have to provide their own awards (paper ribbons, M&Ms, paperclips, whatever). They also need to enter their own results on RegionXNation. It's pretty easy, but you don't really know that until you try it.

More Judges!
Show holders cite a lack of judges as a major problem that they consistently face. This is a way to get more people comfortable with judging models. Seeing the results of other judges at the same time as your own judging will do two things.
  1. Training by Doing. It will give people a way to compare their judging abilities with others in the same setting.
  2. Confidence in Ability. Judging in a less formal setting will increase each person's confidence that they can judge at other shows.

More TRXC Entrants!
More shows means more models earn qualifier cards that allow them to compete at TRXC. There is a strong correlation between the number of qualifier cards a person has and the likelihood that they will enter TRXC. It follows that these shows will contribute to increased attendance at TRXC in the future.

More Fun!
We're Region X. We're having more fun than you!

Committee Members

  • Rob Harris (RegionXNation)
  • Ann Harris (NESE, TRXC)
  • Kate Cabot (NESE, TRXC)
  • Nancy Timm (NEPC, NEMHC, TRXC)
  • Jill O'Connor (Region X Awards Coordinator)
  • Maria Firstenberg (Baystate Models Live)
  • Amanda Reed (NENE, TRXC)
  • Sharon Mossy (Region 10 Representative to NAMHSA)
  • Anne Field (Baystate Halter Live, NE Congress, FPL, TRXC)
  • Karen Pajek (Hudson Valley Classic, Albany Area Regional Performance)
  • Brenda Bednar (SNEWRU)
  • Joan Fauteux (QVPO, TRXC)

If you would like to be added to the Schooling Show Committee, please send your name to the committee at

Version Number: 1.3 (Approved by a vote of 43-1 on 12/17/2017)
Revision Date: December 11, 2017 at 10:00 am