Long Island Model Horse Expo - Mighty Mini Mania

Show Holder: Laura Rock-Smith
Show Packet: Click here for the Show Packet
Show Type: Open
Entrant Limit: 31 entrants maximum
Website: http://www.RegionXNation.com
When: September 14, 2019
Where: Lakeview Ave
Bayport, NY
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Note: Map circles show a radius of 50 miles
Class List: Click for Full Class List
Divisions: OF Plastic Halter (Section A - Breed)
OF Plastic Halter (Section A - Collectibility)
OF Plastic Halter (Section B - Breed)
OF Plastic Halter (Section B - Collectibility)
Artist Resin Halter (Section A - Breed)
Artist Resin Halter (Section A - Workmanship)
Artist Resin Halter (Section B - Breed)
Artist Resin Halter (Section B - Workmanship)
Custom Halter (Section A - Breed)
Custom Halter (Section A - Workmanship)
Custom Halter (Section B - Breed)
Custom Halter (Section B - Workmanship)
OF China/Resin (Section A - Breed)
OF China/Resin (Section A - Collectibility)
OF China/Resin (Section B - Breed)
OF China/Resin (Section B - Collectibility)
CMG China ( Breed )
CMG China ( Workmanship )
OF Mini Performance
Stone OF (Breed)
Stone OF (Collectibility)
Medallion (Section A)
Medallion (Section B)